Planning & Development

Equitable and human scale development focused on revitalizing Jackson. 


Dr. Mukesh Kumar PhD

Executive Coordinator
Kim Love Lewis

Fiscal Officer  
Louquita Martin

Long Range Planning
Travis Crabtree
Salam Rida



The overall goal of the Planning Office is to assure the smooth and efficient operation of these divisions through planning studies, administration of the zoning and historic preservation ordinances, enforcement of zoning and land use codes, and administration of planning grants received by the City.


Deputy Director
Jordan Hillman

Office Coordinator 
Shirley Harden





Zoning Administrator: Ester Ainsworth

Office Coordinator: Theresa Mosley

Senior Planner: Joseph Warnsley

Associate Planner: Ramina Aghili

GIS Technician: Jerrold Mitchell

Code Enforcement: Donnie Neely

Signs & Licenses

Manager: Terry Coleman

Adm. Secretary: Kathye Easley

Senior Acct. Clerk: Yalonda Shaw

Inspector: Dominique Odie

Inspector: Linda Grant 

Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning Manager: Biqi Zhao

Building Permits & Inspections

Manager: Jerry Woods

Projects Coordinator: Gloria A. May

Plans Examiner: Marlin Turner

Adm. Secretary: Diane Williams

Adm. Clerk: Courtney

Adm. Clerk: Chandra Howard

Senior Inspector: Stanley Arnold 

Mechanical Inspector: Wallace White

Electrical Inspector: Ernest Pye

Electrical Inspector: Marcus Conerly



JATRAN Transit Services Division


Deputy Director
Christine Welch

Office Coordinator 
Merry Jo Jackson

Financial Projects Coordinator LaJuna Parks

Federal Grants

Manager: Marilyn Guise

Systems Analyst: Robin Butler       

Human Transit

Long Range Planner: Richa Singh

Operations & Maintenance

Planning Officer: Jeremy Thompson



Housing & Community Development


The Office of Housing and Community Development helps plan the distribution of funds to 

  • Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG)

  • Home Investment Partnership Funds (HOME)

  • Emergency Solution Grants (ESG)

  • Housing and Opportunities for Persons With Aids (HOPWA)


Deputy Director
Vanessa Henderson 

Office Coordinator 
Kenya Dixon 

Fair Housing Compliance Officer / Senior Planner
Loretta Johnson

Neighborhood Enhancement

Manager: Valerie Tucker

Assistant Manager: John Avery

Housing Inspector: Paul David Holly

Housing Inspector: John Anderson

Senior Planner: Robbie Smith

Senior Planner: Mary Manogin

Development Assistance

Assistant Manager: Linda Caldwell

Adm. Secretary: JaQuana Glasper

Fiscal Officer: Sylvia Rowsey

Senior Planner: Arash Ghahramani

Economic Development

Manager: Michael A. Davis

JOBS Coordinator: Jonathan Barnett

Senior Planner: Vic Sexton

Senior Planner: Von Anderson