Equitable + Human Scale Development


Making Jackson the most human scale and equitable city in the country.

Mission Statement:
The City of Jackson Department of Planning & Development is guided by the principles of human scale development and equitable growth. We regulate for community-driven land use effectively and efficiently, provide vision of sustainable design for long-term growth of Jackson area, preserve our unique heritage, offer diversity in housing and community development options, and provide public mobility services to the region.

Core Values:

Human Scale: Good things happen when we exist as humans.

Equity: Balancing the costs and benefits of land use change is fundamental to our profession.

Efficiency: Timeliness matters.

Effectiveness: Our codes and ordinances are as good as our ability to enforce them.

Openness: Let us know how can we serve the city better.

Inclusiveness: All residents of the city are our priority.

Care and Respect: We live and breathe Jackson.

Innovation: Always look for innovative ways to improve quality of life

About Us:
The Department of Planning and Development is comprised of three divisions and two programs.


City Planning: Maintain effectiveness, efficiency and consistency in regulations of City Codes and community-driven land use plan.

Housing and Community Development: Improve quality and increase diversity of housing and community development options.

Transportation: Provide and plan for public mobility services to the region.


Long Range Planning: Provide vision of sustainable design for long-term growth of Jackson area

B.E.A.T.: Offer support and plan for entrepreneurial eco-system for city residents.

Our staff provides administrative and technical support to the following boards and commissions:

Our office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Please take a moment to learn more about the various divisions and activities of the Planning and Development Department by visiting the City PlanningCode ServicesHousing and Community Development, and Transportation home pages.

Consent Decree:

The City of Jackson entered into a Consent Decree to resolve a lawsuit alleging that the city violated the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by preventing people in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse from living in group homes in most residential areas.

Below is the Consent Decree between the United States and the City of Jackson, and a Notice to Potential Victims of Disability Discrimination by the City of Jackson.

Consent Decree

Notice to Potential Victims