Zoning & Land Use

Filing Deadlines & Meeting Schedules 2018

To outline a timeline for gaining approval through a zoning action application, please refer to the filing and meeting schedule. 

Zoning Action Application

Use this application for a rezoning, special exception, use permit or variance.  Refer to the filing schedule for deadlines and meeting dates.  Pre-Application meeting is suggested. 

Site Plan Review

Site Plan review is requires for certain projects as outlined by Section 203-A of the zoning code.   Site Plan Review meets each Thursday at 1:30 PM. Projects must be submitted Wednesday by 12:00 PM the week prior.  Pre-Application meeting is suggested.

Historic Preservation Filing Deadlines & Meeting Schedules 2018

To outline the process for receiving a Certificate of Appropriateness approval, please refer to the filing and meeting schedule.

Certificate of Appropriateness Application

For Exterior Alterations or Repairs, Fences, New Construction or Additions, Moving a structure, Demolitions or other actions (except trees) to any landmark, landmark site or building or structure within a historic district. 

Certificate of Appropriateness Application Trees

For removal of trees on any landmark, landmark site or within a historic district. 

Code Services

Application for Building Permit

Application for Plans Review

Application for Code of Compliance

Application for Electrical Permit

Application for Mechanical/HVAC Permit

Application for Plumbing/Fuel Gas Permit

Application for Master License

Application for Journeyman License

Application for Transfer License

Contractor Registration Requirements


Signs & Licenses

Application for Sign Permit

Application for Business License


Business Portal

Business Start Up Kit

Application for Business License

Application for Site Plan Review